Bridges 1 Ltd

Ryden and Bilston Glen Estates welcome Bridges 1 Ltd, who have taken a 3 year lease at Unit 33 to be used for storage and distribution of clothing and online shopping products. The company works closely with Hermes, the UK’s largest home delivery courier. Unit 33, which extends to 101 sq m (1,082 sq ft), had recently [...]

North Cool Services Ltd

Ryden and Bilston Glen Estates were delighted to welcome another tenant to the estate in July. North Cool Services Ltd, who have taken a 3 year lease at Unit 26, are an Edinburgh based company specializing in the installation, service and maintenance of air conditioning systems. The company have re-located from premises in the south side of Edinburgh [...]

The Curtain Workshop Bilston Ltd

Ryden and Bilston Glen Estates are delighted to welcome The Curtain Workshop to Imex Business Centre who have taken a 5 year lease at Unit 25. The company specialises in general upholstery services and the production of curtains. Unit 25 comprises 100 sq m (1,084 sq t) of open plan accommodation which is to be [...]